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Filter Trolley


This filter trolley comes with a diaphragm pump included, so no vacuum pump is required!  The pump can handle acids, bases and alcohols so no special care is needed for this pump.  NO COLD TRAP REQUIRED.  This is a pneumatic pump so there is no risk of sparks, which means you must have an air compressor to supply this machine with compressed air.

Filter paper is placed over a removable grate, a seal is then placed around the filter to prevent leaks.  There is 0% chance of leaks.  This takes a few minutes to install and even faster to take apart.  Add your tincture and begin filtering.

This machine completely dissembles to allow ease of cleaning and comes mounted on casters for ease of movement.

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  • FDA Food Grade Materials
  • Durable Design
  • Filter Grate Does Not Warp
  • High R Value (Insulating Materials)
  • Huge Filtering Capacity
  • No Vacuum Pump Required
  • No Cold Trap Required
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Leak Proof Filter Paper Installation /w Reusable Gasket
  • Lid Helps Minimize Evaporation
  • Properly Balanced, Will Not Flip Over

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