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Heating Mantle System, Condenser Mantle


Our standalone heating mantle system (condenser mantle) is designed to wrap snugly around a glass tube of 24-35mm in outer diameter, with a coverage length of 14”.
The mantle is utilized to insulate and/or heat a tube to a specific temperature. The temperature is both set and controlled by a separate temperature controller (the LS-TCM-S or LS-TCM-1).

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Fitment for LS-HJC24-29 & LS-HJC34-29 – or other 24-35mm glass tubes
Low wattage heating (150W) – heats up to 250°C
Safer than high-wattage heated re-circulators & heating oils
Velcro viewing port – for visual monitoring of tube/condenser
Notched outlet for fitment around distribution receivers/swing arms – for uniform temperature control to the point of collection

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