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Hot Condenser Mantle Kit – 34/45 Inlet, 29/42 Outlet


Our Hot Condenser Mantle Kit enables batch distillation operators to utilize secondary separation techniques for standard short path distillation systems.  
Secondary separation enables the operator to re-boil condensed constituents (targeting impurities) that boil below the set point of the condenser. The result is more precise fraction collections between two (2) boiling points.

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Lab Society Single-Output Temperature Controller/Monitor – (LS-TCM-S)
Eight-inch PFA-coated thermocouple probe
Coiled extension cord – for K-type thermocouple probe
Condenser Heating Mantle – for Jacketless Condenser (LS-HMS-CM1)
Jacketless Condenser – (LS-HJC24-29 or LS-HJC34-29)
Fitment for all detachable condenser heads – 24/40 and 34/45 inlet with 29/42 outlet
Thermocouple trough – for increased surface area as well as probe placement
Low wattage heating (150W) – heats up to 250°C
Safer than high-wattage heated re-circulators & heating oils
Velcro viewing port – for visual monitoring of tube/condenser
Notched outlet – for fitment around distribution receivers/swing arms and uniform temperature control to point of collection

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