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IS-10 Lipid Infusion System

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The IS-10, from Boulder Creek Technologies, is a lipid infusion and extraction system designed to provide a true full-spectrum tincture.

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Single operator, semi-continuous process
Easy loading and unloading
Gently heated with silicone heat tapes: 86 – 140°F (30 – 60°C) operating range
4 columns – each with a capacity of 20, 30 lbs (9 – 15 kg) of ground, dried biomass
Minimum spacing allowance: 12’ H x 15’ L x 20’ W
Power Requirement: 20 amps 208V
Ability to use a variety of oils: MCT, olive, hemp seed, etc.
Control via touch screen interface: Column heaters & Pump speed
Ability to monitor: Column pressures & Column temperatures
Programmable recipes for specific product specifications
Wi-Fi enabled remote system access and troubleshooting
Safety features: Automatic shutdown in case of upset conditions & Alerts for abrupt changes
Seamlessly incorporates into system with ability to attach directly to output of infusion unit
Operating Temperatures: 302 – 350°F (149-177°C)
Power Requirement: 20 amps 208V
Controls: Heating media temperature & Product pump speed
Reduces danger to employees and facilities
Solventless infusion system
Greater than 95% extraction efficiency
100% natural and organic capabilities
Whole plant, full-spectrum benefits
FDA approved consumable lipids and gentle heat
Reduces impact of FDA and EPA regulation
Semi-continuous process dramatically reduces production time

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