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Lab Society G3 Modular Condenser Kit, 12L


Now you can make use of a variety of condensers.

Included is a wide array of condensers, to connect to the new Full Bore Kit (FBK) (via swing arms and a distribution receiver adapter, which has a 45/50 Rodaviss joint).

Using the secondary vertical condenser (or secondary Allihn-style Condenser), you may implement secondary separation via a hot primary condenser and cold secondary condenser.

Multiple setup options are available, including a High-Efficiency Cold Trap connection (via the distribution receiver adapter) and multiple inline traps for maximum surface area.

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The 12L Kit Includes:

  • Two (2) Allihn-style Condensers – one 34/45 top outer, 29/42 bottom inner (primary) and one 29/42 top outer, 29/42 bottom inner (secondary)
  • One (1) Vacuum-Jacketed Condenser – which allows for use without a heater or chiller due to its vacuum jacket – great for first passes
  • One (1) Vertical Style Cold Finger – for use as an optional secondary condenser; This reduces footprint on the bench while also providing significantly more surface area for condensation.
  • One (1) Distribution Receiver Adapter – with a top 45/50 Rodaviss joint, 24/40 lower inner joint for receiving flasks and one side-angled 29/42 outer joint; You can attach your choice of condenser, a secondary DR adapter, or even a High-Efficiency Cold Trap!
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