Lab Society Multi Distribution Adapter, 29/36, 3-Way


Designed in the Lab Society Laboratory, the custom Multi Distribution Adapter connects to a condenser/distillation head and can be rotated to separate or catch different fractions during the same run.

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Measure vacuum depth with a vacuum monitor.

All versions of the multi distribution adapter come with a gauge port, which allows you to measure vacuum depth via a vacuum monitor.

No more interrupted runs.

When compared to our single distribution adapter, the key benefit of the multi distribution adapter is that you no longer have to interrupt your runs multiple times to achieve the same result.

American-made, borosilicate glass.

Our original Multi Distribution Adapters are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and they come with varying joint outlets (up to three, 24/40 joints).

Made with threaded glass.

All our distribution adapters have threaded glass, perfectly suited to vacuum hose connections for maximum simplicity.

The V1 multi distribution adapter is meant for use with the V1 or V2 short path distillation head and both multi adapters versions (V1 & V2) have GL-14 connections. The V2 head, on the other hand, was designed for use with the V2 distribution adapter as well as our packable distillation head the (PDH-1).

The PDH-2 and 2S require the use of the 29/26 joint multi distribution adapter. The bigger joint enables an increased flow rate and an increased surface area from the condenser. The greater condensation of vapors translates to quicker results and more efficiency.

Our multi distribution adapter can also be used on the earlier V1 model heads.*

*Note: The 29/26 three way adapter will not fit V1 and V2 distillation heads of any kind, due to the difference in joint sizes. The 29/26, three-way distribution adapter will only fit with our detachable condenser.”

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