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Round Bottom Flask (RBF)

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The round bottom flask is one of the main starting blocks for determining system scalability.
Whether you’re just starting out with your first lab, or whether you’re at a stage where maximum volumes and yield are most important to you, these flasks are an essential component of a successful laboratory.

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Durable, American-made glass
Available in the most popular sizes and configurations
Developed and tested in commercial laboratories
45/50 jointed flasks are compatible with our 2-port inlet adapter
Reaction chamber
Boiling flask
Culture media storage
Evaporating flask
Flasks that are larger than 2000 mL may contain a 45/50 Rodaviss stopper joint in the center neck, for various attachments or for allowing larger magnetic stir bars to be placed inside the flask.
Having a stir bar that is too big may prevent stirring from occurring in a round bottom flask, as the stir bar may be too large to seat correctly.

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