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There are many situations in which having pre-drilled holes can be useful. For example, let’s say you need to hold a thermometer precisely in the center of your container while still maintaining an air-tight seal. Having a pre-drilled hole in the center will ensure proper, consistent alignment. Buchner Funnels (for filtering) can also benefit from this type of stopper. If the holes are too small, they can easily be drilled bigger, allowing them to fit your own, custom applications.

Not sure if you need holes in your stopper? No worries! You can always just use a cork borer to drill new ones at any time to suit your specific needs. Rubber stoppers are the most commonly used stoppers in lab applications, and they are highly recommended for every lab to have.

Be advised that improperly done holes can also cause liquid chemical leaks from your containers if you’re not careful, so make sure that all your fittings – including the rubber bung itself – are snug within the container.

Always use the right size rubber stopper for your application – when in doubt, don’t try to force it!

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Rubber stoppers are ideal for plugging joints or holes in laboratory glassware and creating a liquid-tight seal. Rubber bungs are often used with glass containers such as: test tubes, flasks, jugs, and many other pieces of standard lab equipment. We carry stoppers both with and without pre-drilled holes, in a wide range of the most common sizes. Practically speaking, there are around 16 different sizes of standard laboratory rubber stopper, but we’ve narrowed down the selection somewhat to only those most practical for commercial and hobbyist use.

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