Submersible Water Pump


Submersible water pumps are capable of running everything from small fountains to complex hydroponic systems. These pumps have threaded fittings, and they have a powerful, oil-free, rare earth rotor magnet. This particular model features both a ceramic shaft and bearing, which will ensure reliability and longevity despite continuous use. To further minimize the chance of premature breakdowns (while making cleaning a breeze), there is only one freely moving part in this product. Not only that, but a built-in strainer protects the impeller from damage.


Everything you need in a high-quality submersible water pump.

Circulating water seems like a simple task, but it can be made much easier with right equipment. Not only that, but an electric water pump gives you the ability to automate your system, for example by hooking it up to a timer. This type of automation is especially useful in cyclical systems, like a hydroponic garden, for example.

Completely submersible for extended periods of time.

The electric pumps we carry are popular and very easy to use, and we only carry the absolutely latest in technology. Our products combine affordability with durability and superior quality. The motor is completely sealed off, so each unit can be completely submerged without suffering water damage. They are able to provide consistent, steady flow by maintaining pressurized water. This pressurized water can then be distributed through a connected hose to wherever you desire.

In addition to their usefulness in the a laboratory setting, they are also perfect for home or garden, or simply watering/irrigating plants while you are away.

We will continue to update all of our water pump products – you can count on us to supply you with only the finest equipment on the market.

Tech Specs:

  • The flow is non-adjustable.
  • Comes with a 120 volt cord
  • Includes inlet and outlet fittings
  • Flow rate: 158 GPH
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