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SVC-1 Summit Vacuum Control


Design Features

  • Simple to use Interface
  • Flow path designed to be tolerant of harsh chemicals
  • Use of larger orifice parts results in much faster pump-downs


The SVC-1 Summit Vacuum Control is used for chemical duty solvent recovery or vacuum control. Either for rotary evaporators, filtration or recovering highly volatile solvents. This unit was designed and produced on the market to establish a new standard, with new circuit boards, PTFE valves and the LEAST amount of parts compared to any competitor units – the SVC-1 makes a new standard in high flow vacuum regulation and control.

The vacuum regulator is particularly useful when you are looking to maintain pressure at a certain level as needed for botanical processing and rotary evaporation. Mounting can be bench-top or on a laboratory pole.

  • Display of both the set-point and current vacuum control
  • Fine control of target vapor pressure for more precise compound separation through distillation
  • Flow path designed to be tolerant of harsh chemicals
  • CE and RoHS Certified


  • Fine Grained Vacuum Control
  • Simultaneous display of both current vacuum and set point
  • Direct, easy set point setting
  • Remote control via USB


  • Keeps your pump oil away from your process
  • Enables using reliable and long lasting rotary vane oil pumps in applications where diaphragm pumps were previously required
  • Keeps vacuum pumps near their base pressure resulting in longevity, fewer oil changes and less oil mist


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