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Thermocouple Adapter – Thermowell

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Designed for use in our distillation heads, our new thermocouple adapters incorporate thermowells right into the design. A thermowell is a tube-shaped fitting that can protect sensors and probes, by providing adequate thermal insulation.

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Optimal thermocouple placement – Get perfect thermocouple placement every time, by using our distillation heads together with these thermowell adapters.
#4 Chem-Thread – For quick and easy insertion/removal of your thermocouple probe into the well.
Viton O-ring – Keeps the cap and seal of your thermocouples air-tight.
Increased surface area – The addition of the thermowell to the thermocouple will create more surface area for expanding vapors to cool and condense on.
American-made borosilicate glass – This glass can be subjected to repeated thermal stress with a greatly reduced chance of breakage.
Comes in two sizes –  We carry both a 24/40 jointed thermowell and a 34/45 jointed thermowell.

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