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Vintner Crimped Hose

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Vintner Crimped Hose (manufactured by Goodyear) is mainly used for the transfer of liquid.
Common applications include beer, wine, water, and the distillation of various alcohols.
A word of caution: These tubes are not recommended (or designed) for oily liquids or petrolatum-based compounds, but they are used heavily in industries where larger amounts of liquid transfer are needed.

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Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -30°F to 220°F
Tubing is protected from the outside using an EPDM synthetic rubber – which also provides insulation of the hose
The monofilament helix is crush-resistant and rust-proof – ensuring that the hose stands the test of time
Tri-clamp or (TC crimped) fitting – a hydraulic, machine-permanent crimp, compliant with the standards of USDA, FDA and 3 A

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