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X-TEQ Pullover Lab Coat for Extraction Technicians

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The X-TEQ PLC (pullover lab coat) is the first PPE pullover that is designed specifically for Hydrocarbon Extractor Technicians and their need for safety, protection, comfort & style.

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Inherently fire-resistant body fabric (60% mod-acrylic, 38% cotton)
Fully-grounded body (ESD PPE) with 2% anti-static fibers
FR-treated contrast fabric (100% cotton canvas)
Contrast fabric helps repel hash, and scrubs clean easily with isopropyl
Kangaroo pocket with ample room for storage while working
Collar (with 3 FR buttons) for a professional look and feel
Sheard’s signature magnet pocket on the left sleeve shoulder, and our utility loop on right chest (the American Standard for ID Badge placement) 

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