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15KW Mid-Frequency Compact Induction Heater w/ Timers 30-80KHz R


Refurbished units include showroom units, and units that have been slightly used or with minor shipping damage. All refurbished units have been cleaned and tested to Ai standards before leaving our doors and carry a 3-month Ai warranty.

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 Max. input current
 32 A (48A single-phase circuit breaker required)

 208-240V, 50/60Hz, single-phase

 Power distribution cord
 8-gauge 3-conductor Max 40A (8/3 SOOW)

 Output frequency
 30-80 KHz

 Heating/retaining current  
 200-600 A (displayed on control panel)

 Max. oscillating power
 15 KW

 Max input power
 7 KW

 Duty cycle


 Heating/dwelling/cooling timers
 1-99 seconds

 Water pressure
 ≥ 29 PSI (0.2 Mpa) you may use tap water  and water pump (>1/4HP & >240 Gph)

 Water flow
 0.5-1.3 gallons (2-5 liters) per minute

 Water temperature

 Induction coil
 See detail specs below, we will make coils  according to your requirements

 Unit: 40 Lb, shipping: 58 Lb

 Unit: 19x8x18″, shipping: 21x13x22″

 Remote foot switch
 7 feet

 Max. melting capacity
 4 Lb (gold, silver, copper), 1 Lb (steel, aluminum)

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