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Ai -80°C 5L Capacity 316L SST Cold Trap w/ KF25 Ports ETL


Introducing the Ai 2nd Gen -80°C (-112°F) T80 cold traps with a large corrosion-resistant 316L SST 5 liter trap, 316L trapping layers/vacuum connections, and PTFE encapsulated silicone sealing gasket. Upward KF25 vacuum connections provide you safer and easier vacuum tubing connection and removal. No chilling fluid required, just plug and play.

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 Electrical requirements
 110V 60Hz, 1~Phase, 1,600 watts  or  220V, 60Hz 1~Phase, 1,830 watts

 Working environment
 Temperature: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F) Humidity: <70%  Compressor  Make: Embraco Refrigerant: R404A, R23 Cooling capacity   -40C: 350W   -60C: 300W   -70C: 200W   -80C: 40W  Trap/Reservoir  Volume   1.3 gallon (5 liters) Dimensions   Diameter 6.3 inches   Depth: 10 inches Material   Corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel  Trapping device  Material: corrosion-resistant type 316L stainless steel Diameter: 5.75 inches Depth: 8 inches Layer: 30  Temperature  Working temperature range: -50°C to -80°C (-112°F) Display: digital Unit: °C Sensor: Pt100 Time to -80°C   110V: 50 minutes   220V: 60 minutes  Finish  Exterior: powder coated steel Interior: corrosion-resistant type 316L stainless steel  Vacuum connection  KF25/NW25 x 2  Unit/shipping weight  215 Lb / 290 Lb  Unit/shipping dimensions   17.5 x 21.5 x 46" / 23 x 27 x 54" (WxDxH)  Compliance  UL 60335-1:2016 Ed.6 UL 60335-2-89:2017 Ed.1 CSA C22.2#60335-1:2016 Ed.2 CSA C22.2#60335-2-89:2017 Ed.1  Warranty  One year

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