Lab Society Auxiliary Condenser Kit


Attach an extra condenser.

The kit allows the user to attach an extra condenser on top of the distillation head. This pathway is held under vacuum during the first phase of the run, allowing the lower boiling point compounds to rise into the auxiliary condenser and condense in a different area of the system.

An auxiliary condenser kit for a cleaner runway.

The condensation of the lower boiling point compounds in a separate portion of the system allows for a cleaner runway or pathway for your main fractions.

This increases potency, as the user will no longer have traces of the earlier, lower boiling point compounds stuck on the same pathway as the main fractions. This product is a unique addition to Lab Society’s line up, and we’ve spent a long time getting it just right.

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Our original Auxiliary Condenser Kit (Friedrichs/Dewar style) allows the user to reduce the contamination of the condenser runway/pathway leading into the distribution adapter.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 36 in


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