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Made of porcelain.

A Buchner Funnel is widely used in commercial laboratories for effectively filtering and separating different substances. We offer multiple sizes, and each size may take a different filter paper and rubber cork. Make sure to buy a rubber cork and the right sized filter paper for use with these funnels, as both of these things will be needed to operate your funnel properly. Rubber corks can also be drilled out to fit bigger stems, just as bigger filter paper may also be cut down for use in smaller funnels. You can also enhance your filter flask with our Black Rubber Filter Aid!

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Only the highest quality.

Our funnels are made from top-quality porcelain, which is the preferred option over plastic or glass. Before use, moisten the filter paper inside the funnel to lightly adhere the paper to the funnel, creating a more air-tight seal. You can filter liquids through a Buchner Funnel by pulling them through the paper and perforations in the top of the funnel using vacuum suction. The key benefit of using this means of filtration is that the liquid moves through the funnel much faster than using the force of gravity alone.

Great for collecting recrystallized compounds.

In organic chemistry (some of the most common applications for this product category), laboratories make use of these funnels to help collect recrystallized compounds. You may need additional drying, for example, through the use of a vacuum oven. This can help you remove even more of the remaining liquid from the compound you are attempting to filter.

Creates an air-tight seal.

The rubber cork is placed between the Buchner Funnel and the side of the flask, holding it in place and creating an air-tight seal. The filter paper must be placed over the holes of the funnel to prevent clogging and/or leakage.

Buchner funnels are an integral part of many laboratory processes, and if you are unsure of their specific use, feel free to call our sales team. We’ll help you get the right sizes and fits for your set up in no time!

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