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CDO-28 Drying Oven


Cascade’s Drying Oven Model CDO-28 is a powerful, large capacity plant/glassware dryer. It is also ideal for decarboxylation of plant material prior to extraction as dry plant material will yield better results than wet plant material. Removing as much water as possible up front will likely be a time saver in the post process of vacuum purge and winterization.

The CDO-28 is equipped with a quality stainless steel interior for food lab grade cleanliness. With triple wall construction, the CDO-28 meets CE, UL and TUV requirements to keep work-spaces cool. The CDO-28 has sensitive digital control, overtemp failsafe protection, humidity monitoring and a quick heat-up time.

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  • Temp Rated, Large Capacity Mesh Bags For Easy Loading Ground Organic Material
  • Humidity Sensor Displays Relative Humidity / Moisture Levels During Process
  • Fast Heat-Up: 24 Minutes To 300°F / Uniformity: /- 3.5°F
  • Easy Timer For Automatic Operation
  • TUV Certified. CSA & CE Approved
  • Food Lab Grade Material Construction. Made in USA. 1 Year Warranty
  • 220V / 1ph / 14FLA  Oven Must Be Hardwired By Electrician


  • Capacity / Volume: 28 Cubic Feet.
  • /- 50 Pounds Plant Material
  • 6 Adjustable Shelves (20.75 x 19)
  • Dimensions: Interior: W 21? x H 20.75? x D 19.44?, Exterior:W 37.5 x H 78.83 D 35
  • Temperature Range: 36°F Above Room Temp to 350°F
  • Temperature Stability:  /-3.5 °F
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