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ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™

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The Mini MEP™ (Modular Extraction Platform) from ExtractionTek Solutions offers the production throughput demanded by the industry today.
Based on the design of ETS’s other closed-loop, industry-leading extraction units, the Mini MEP™ comes with the same cutting-edge extraction technology as the bigger units but in a much smaller space.

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Capacity: 10L with the ability to process up to 5lbs per run
Unit size: 9 Square feet (3′ x 3′)
Sub-Cool injection technology
Accepts propane, butane, and blended solvents
Peer reviewed by third party engineers and certified for operation in CO, CA, NV, OR, WA, PA, and MD
Certified for ASME SECTION VIII, IFC, NFPA 58, 3-A Sanitary Standard, C1D1, and UL21
Modular Platform – Stainless steel frame with locking casters
Rapid Recovery Collection Vessel with Dual High-Pressure View Ports
ETS Expansion Filter which vastly improves recovery time without risking the operating health of your Recovery Pump, offered exclusively by ETS
Sub-Cool Injection Coil System with an MTA TAEevo 220 volt, 5000-watt Recirculating Chiller Julabo Corio CD-BC4 Hot Water Recirculating System, offering precise Temperature Zone Control
Built-in HaskelTM 83354 Modified Two-Stage Recovery Pump with upgraded Precision Flow Regulator
Air Tool Port Accessory Kit with Pneumatic Cleaning Attachment 50 lbs Steel D.O.T. Operating Tank

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