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High Efficiency Distillation Head (150mm)


This is the latest installment of Lab Society’s distillation heads is the 150mm High Efficiency head.
Lab Society’s patented High Efficiency distillation head technology is the core design function of the head, with two temperature zones employed to rapidly condense vapors as they enter the pre-condensing section of the head.

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Sustained flow rates of 3-4.5 liters per hour (LPH)
Low variance between boiling and vapor temperatures due to exceptionally large vapor path
Rapid pre-condensation within top of distillation head (High Efficiency Technology)
Controllable reflux via 45/50 head inserts
Easy cleaning of boiling flask via 150mm orifice in center of flask
Compatibility with 45/50 condensers from standard 20L G3/X systems

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