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Precision Vacuum Monitor, Triple-Sensor (PVM-3)


Our Precision Vacuum Monitors LS-PVM-2, and LS-PVM-3 offer real-time analytics and data logging of your vacuum system. This means that you will always know if your system is achieving the optimal vacuum pull.
We built the devices that we wanted to use in our own labs, and we created the most practical and functional thermocouple vacuum gauges yet.

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Data logging via USB or Bluetooth (depending on model chosen)
Digital vacuum gauge with visual display
Multiple measuring units
Graphical and numerical output
Rod support ( LS-PVM-2)
Easy, quick troubleshooting of the system
Protective outer case (only on LS-PVM-1)
Multiple thermocouple inputs (only on LS-PVM-2) 
Rugged thermocouple
Two (2) Thermocouple SEN 531e KF-25 Sensors 
Multiple power plug types – for various countries
Side-mounted rod support
Dual monitoring
Total Range: 1E-4 – 1000 Torr
Data logging via USB & EliteLab integration
Digital vacuum gauge with visual display
Multiple Units of Measure
Numerical output via LED screen, graphical via EliteLab
Rod-mount support  
Easy and quick troubleshooting
Multiple thermocouple inputs  
Rugged thermocouples probes for measurement
Power: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz CE Rated, 100 Watts
Vacuum Interface: KF-25 connections
Sensors: Three – SEN-531e-KF25
Range: 1 mTorr – 760 Torr
Mount: Side mounted rod support
Indicator lights
Telemetry Options: USB
Non Bluetooth

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