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Stainless Mechanical Cold Trap Insert (T80)


Utilizing a vacuum/cold trap in between vacuum pump systems and process systems is vital for ensuring the health of your vacuum system.  
That’s why we’ve created this high-efficiency, stainless steel vacuum/cold trap for a multitude of applications.
NOTE: Pairs with our Silicone Insulating Ring.

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NW/KF25 Inlet and Outlet Connections
ISO-Flange Lid – for high vacuum seal
Six (6) Tier Mesh Plates – for efficient vapor trapping and reflux retention
Fluid-filled Channel – for additional cooling efficiency and thermocouple insertion from the base of mechanical traps
Widened Internal Vapor Outlet – to prevent clogging/freezing inside vapor inlet tube
Silicone Insulating Ring (sold separately) – for insulation and tight fit into mechanical traps
Custom fit – for older generation t40’s/T80 mechanical traps
Can be used in liquid nitrogen or dry ice baths

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