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Thin Film Distillation System – 2-Stage, 0.2m2

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Lab Society has partnered with InCon Process Systems (IPS) to bring the industry the most comprehensive continuous short path thin film distillation plant on the market.
Designed solely around distilling high-boiling-point compounds (coupled with low-boiling-point constituents in feed stock), the stainless steel CannaBeast® Dual-Stage Thin Film Distillation System has all the features necessary to streamline and maximize throughput with its 0.4 m² evaporation system.
CannaBeast® is the sole property of InCon Process Systems LLC (IPS).
2-Stage Thin Film Distillation System

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All Chilling/Heating Fluids
All Vacuum Clamps, Hoses, and Valves
Diffusion Pump
Dual-Point Vacuum Monitoring System with Valve Control (for First Stage)
EliteLab Touchscreen Control Interface
Heated Circulators
High Capacity/High Vacuum
Diaphragm Pump
Rotary Vane Pump Oil Mist Filter
Tempered Water Units
Three-Point Vacuum Monitoring System (for Second Stage)
Vacuum Pre-Filter for Dry Pump
5-20 kg/hour Input Feed Capability – variable based on feedstock
Cold Traps
Common Skid Frame
Compound Pressure Gauges
Jacketed Feed Tank – 8-gallon
Jacketed Stainless Steel Piping
Manual Valves
Mounted VFDs – for precise control
Vacuum Pressure Indicators
Process Pumping System
Sight Glasses
Total of 0.4 m² Short Path Evaporator
(2) 0.2 m² Evaporators Inline
Chiller: -30°C to -50°C – included
Chiller: -60°C to -80°C for an additional $15,000.00 – recommended
LS-PVM-2V – 2-point Vacuum Monitoring System Isolation Valve; one (1) Compound Pressure Sensor with valve control, one (1) Thermocouple Vacuum Sensor
LS-PVM-3 – 3-point vacuum monitoring system; three (3) thermocouple vacuum sensors
HB Therm, Huber, & Julabo – Temperature Controllers

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