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Ultra-High Pressure Homogenizer Package

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These ultra-high pressure homogenizers (from BEE International) are capable of pressures up to 45,000 PSI and feature advanced technology to provide versatile homogenization.
They are designed for a variety of industrial and developmental processes, and we offer three different models to suit a variety of applications and needs.

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Nano DeBEE Nano 45-4

45,000 PSI

Flow Rate (mL/min):

Flow Rate (L/hr):

Flow Rate (gal/hr):

Benchtop Weight (lbs):
50 lbs

Benchtop Weight (kg):
23 kg

Power Unit Weight (lbs):
120 lbs

Power Unit Weight (kg):
55 kg

Benchtop Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
34” x 11.75” x 9”

Benchtop Dimensions (L x W x H cm):
87 x 30 x 23

Minimum Volume:
12 mL with small volume option

Effective cell disruption
Efficient nano-encapsulation
Extended product stability
Improved bioavailability
Micro/nanoemulsions and dispersions
Tighter distribution and uniform particle size reduction
Small and uniform liposomes
PLC for easy operation and monitoring
Sanitary design
Slower stroke rate to reduce wear
Guaranteed scale-up
PLC Control and monitoring for easy operation
Highest process intensity in the industry
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Low-cost replacement parts
100% Scalable
Easy to use and clean
100% Scalable
Electric, in-line, continuous operation
Low maintenance costs
Benchtop size

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