Agilent IDP-15

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The new Agilent Varian IDP-15 dry scroll vacuum pump is designed for extremely quiet < 50 dBA and low vibration operation, delivering a peak pumping speed of 9.4 cfm (15.4 m3/h) at 60 Hz, and produces an ultimate pressure of 10 mTorr. These new Agilent IDP-15 dry scroll pumps are hermetically-sealed being appropriate for rare gas and helium 3He recirculation applications. The hermetic design with the vacuum space completely isolated from the motor and bearings provides a clean gas path through the pump, which eliminates any risk of oil or grease contamination. These key design elements of the IDP-15 allow the motor and bearings to run at atmospheric pressure which isolates them from being exposed to any vacuum process gases or water vapor from the application. The Agilent IDP-15 supports a global single-phase motor for operating voltages ranges between 100-120V or 200-230 VAC at 50/60Hz and incorporates a easy accessible simple switch to change between high and low voltage use.

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