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Ai 2-Oven 7.5 Cu Ft Package with Mobile Cart, Cold Trap & Pump


Dual AT75x Setup

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 2-oven mobile cart for Ai 5.0/7.5 cu ft vacuum ovens
1 pc

 Ai 7.5 cu ft vacuum oven
2 pcs

 Aluminum shelf
AT75x: 9 x 2 pcs

 Ai T40x -40C cold trap package
1 set

 Edwards nXDS20iC 16.5 cfm dry scroll pump
1 set

 Flexible KF25 bellow – 2 meter
2 pcs

 Flexible KF25 bellow – 1 meter
1 pc

 KF25 tee flange
1 pc

 KF25 quick clamp and centering ring
8 sets

 User’s manual
1 pc

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