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CannaFREEZE DX18 Series Freeze Dryer

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CannaFREEZE DX Series freeze dryers are designed to perfectly preserve botanical material.

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Overall Dimensions (W x L x H):
63 cm x 128 cm x 116 cm

Specimen Chamber Size:
45 cm internal diameter x 75 cm length

Specimen Chamber Construction:
Food grade stainless steel

Tray Area:
1.2 square meters w/ 5 shelves

Tray Construction:
Food grade stainless steel

Chamber Insulation:
50 mm thick closed cell rubber

Chamber Heating:
Outer wall heating element

Temperature Control: 
-35°C to 40°C

Refrigeration System:
Air-cooled 1 ½ HP compressor

Refrigerant Type:
R-404 non-CFC 

Vacuum System:
2-Stage rotary vane 

Condenser Chamber Temperature:
-50°C blank-off temperature (hot gas defrost)

Instrumentation & Controls:
Vacuum and temperature display, touch-sensitive membrane keypad with LED’s

Temperature Probes:
4 mobile probes within chamber

Power Requirements:
230V 50/60Hz Single Phase 20 Amps

12 months from date of delivery

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