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Dual Receiving Flask Kit for Ai SolventVap 20L Rotary Evaporator


The new Ai dual 10L receiving flask kit allows you to switch between two receiving flasks, without interrupting your 20L rotary evaporator’s operation.

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 Ai dual receiving flask bridge with two PTFE open/close valves
1 set

 10L round shaped receiving flask
1 pc

 Ai 35# QuickClamp set x 3, 50# QuickClamp set x 2
5 sets

 Receiving flask glass vacuum port with PTFE open/close valve
2 sets

 Receiving flask glass drain port with PTFE open/close valve
1 set

 Rubber-wrapped 10L receiving flask support     Straight support length: 25 inches, diameter: 8.75 inches     Angled support length: 22 inches, diameter: 8.75 inches
2 pcs

 Steel bosshead
2 pcs

 Ring support
2 pcs

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