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Edwards nXDS6iC 4.0 cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump


The new nXDS-C pump is a modified version of the nXDS that is suitable for use on vapor handling processes, and may be used for some pumping applications involving corrosive substances. The nXDS-C variants have Chemraz® internal valves and stainless steel fittings for extra protection from the pumped media. Together with exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features, the nXDS-C dry scroll pump is the best performing pump in its class.

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Power requirements
100-127V~10A or 200-240V~6A, 50/60 Hz, 260 watts

Nominal rotational speed
1800 rpm

6.8 m3h-1  /  4.0 ft3min-1  

Peak pumping speed
6.2 m3h-1  /  3.6 ft3min-1  

Ultimate vacuum (total pressure)
0.020 mbar  /  0.015 Torr / 15 micron

Minimum standby rotational speed
1200 rpm

Speed control resolution (% of full speed)

Maximum inlet pressure for water vapour
35 mbar

Maximum water vapour pumping rate
110 gh-1

Maximum continuous inlet pressure
200 mbar

Power connector 1-ph
IEC EN60320 C13

Recommended fuse
10A, 250Vac rms

Unit/shipping weight
58 Lb / 63 Lb

Unit/shipping dimensions
16.5x10x12″ / 20.5x13x14″ (DxWxH)

Inlet flange
NW25 (KF25)

Exhaust flange
NW25 (KF25)

Noise level
52 dB(A)

Vibration at inlet flange
< 4.5 mms-1   (rms) Leak tightness (static) < 1x10-6 mbar ls-1   Operating temperature range 10 to 40 °C  /  41 to 104 °F Edwards part number A73502983 Certification CE, UL, CSA

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