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Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (for HVE Thin Film Evaporators)


This Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (from High Velocity Evaporators) is designed to be paired with your existing HVE Thin Film Evaporator System.
The main advantage of this kit is that continuous input of material and consistent volumes can be introduced into the still body, increasing the overall speed and efficiency of the system.

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Powerful & precise complete Masterflex® peristaltic pump
Temperature and chemical resistant Masterflex® silicone tubing
Flange & socket adapters (2) to adapt to HVE wiped/thin film systems 
Two (2) tubing sizes for variable input feed rates
Pair with the Discharge Pump Kit (DPK) for continuous operation
Pair with DPK and Booster Pump Kit (BPK) for increased throughputs and speed

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