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Booster Pump Kit (for HVE Thin Film Evaporators)

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The Booster Pump Kit (BPK) is designed to be paired with any high-vacuum application requiring high flow rates. 
This kit provides significantly higher flow rates in medium to high-vacuum applications. This improves stripping speed, ultimate vacuum levels, and the potency of the final distillate product.

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Rotary vane vacuum pump & roots blower booster pump
Common frame with casters
UL-Listed control panel with start/stop controls & motor overload protection
Manifold between pumps
Oil drip pan
Oil mist filter for exhaust
KF40 inline ball valve
KF50 inlet flange, with KF40 and KF25 Reducers**
All necessary bellows, clamps & centering rings to connect to various systems
HB330 RV50  – 330 m3/h / 198 cfm
HB600 RV70  – 600 m3/h / 360 cfm
HB1200 RV110 – 1200 m3/h / 720 cfm
HB2400 RV200 –  2400 m3/h / 1440 cfm
HB5000 RV300 – 5000 m3/h / 3000cfm

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