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Discharge Pump Kit (for HVE Thin Film Evaporators)


This Discharge Pump Kit is designed to be paired with your existing HVE Thin Film Evaporator system.
Perfect for continuous output of the residue and distillate fractions, this kit improves the overall speed of your system. It’s easier than ever to collect fractions – you no longer have to stop the system to swap receiving flasks.

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Temperature controller gear pumps (2)
Independent motor speed controllers with flow rate calculation (2) 
Heated gear heads with temperature control for viscous fluids (2) 
Glass KF25 connectors utilized as sight glasses (2)
KF25 angled bellow & 5” bellows for discharge ports (2)
KF25 chain clamps & PTFE centering rings for glass connections (2)
Mounting kit for HVE frame: cross member, brackets, hardware, insulation

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