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Vacuubrand VARIO PC 3001 SELECT 1.2 CFM Self-Adjust Pump 110V


The PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit precisely controls the vacuum level in order to achieve unparalleled process control. This pump is suitable for even high boiling point solvents. The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller provides an easy-to-use, application based interface that covers all common lab applications. The VACUU·SELECT controller has you covered. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run fully automated distillations, or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. For solvent evaporation, the VACUU·SELECT controller detects solvent boiling and automatically adjusts the pump’s motor speed to maintain process control. The VARIO motor speed control also makes the pump whisper quiet and provides for exceptionally long maintenance intervals.Self-adjusting vacuum pump system features a 1.2 cfm (34 L/min) free air capacity making it ideal for coupling with benchtop rotary evaporators. As the system continually adjusts to changing vapor conditions, it minimizes bumping and foaming, making it safer for your samples. Complete pump system is composed of a Vacuubrand® oil-free pump and digital vacuum controller with integral solvent recovery system.VARIO PRO operates quietly, has a corrosion-resistant flow path, integrated gas ballast, and can operate for 10,000 to 15,000 hours between servicing! This oil-free pump can apply vacuum pressures down to 2 mbar (1.5 Torr), convenient for all types of reagents, even high-boiling point solvents.Incorporated controller features a graphic interface and “turn-and-push” jog wheel for quick manual vacuum adjustments. It automatically changes the pump speed without external solenoid valves and pump switches, and can find and follow boiling point curves using the built-in automatic evaporation control software—providing evaporation up to 30% faster than conventional vacuum pumps and controllers! Hysteresis-free, single set point control is available with this cutting-edge system, but it can also save up to ten user-defined multistep programs for applications that require a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Additionally, the bi-directional RS-232 port allows for computerized control of pump programs, settings, and process validation.Integral solvent recovery system captures exhaust vapors without needing cold traps or chillers—saving you from having to purchase additional equipment and dry ice. On-board vapor capture not only saves time and expenses of coolant and energy, but reduces lab exposure to hazardous vapors.

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